Little Angel Cloud (Blue)

Little Angel Cloud (Blue)


Nao Porcelain Figurine "Little Angel Cloud (Blue)" from the Angel Collection made by Virginia Gonzalez 2022. A decorative porcelain figurine with a shiny finish and painted in pastel colours. It shows a baby angel with blue eyes and white wings sitting on a blue cloud.


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Introducing the "Little Angel on a Blue Cloud" Porcelain Figurine, a charming and ethereal representation of celestial innocence and beauty. This exquisitely crafted figurine captures the essence of a precious baby angel, radiating serenity and joy from the heavens.

Painted in soothing pastel colors, the figurine showcases a baby angel with the most enchanting blue eyes, reflecting the purity and wonder of celestial beings. The cherub's adorable face bears a gentle smile, exuding a sense of serenity and bliss. Framing this heavenly countenance, delicate and pristine white wings spread gracefully, signifying the angelic presence and celestial flight.

The angelic cherub sits gracefully on a cloud of serene blue, as if floating amidst the skies. The soft and dreamy hue of the blue cloud complements the pastel palette, creating a sense of tranquility and harmony.

The figurine boasts a shiny finish, adding a touch of luster and brilliance to the artwork. The gloss enhances the celestial ambiance, reflecting light like a celestial glow, making the angelic presence truly come to life.

"Little Angel on a Blue Cloud" Porcelain Figurine serves as a tender and heartwarming reminder of the innocence and beauty found in celestial realms. Its delicate charm makes it a perfect centrepiece in a nursery, adding an enchanting touch to any child's room. As a cherished collectible or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this figurine brings an aura of angelic delight and celestial enchantment, reminding us of the eternal love and protection of heavenly beings. With its pastel hues and shiny finish, this figurine will be a cherished and cherished heirloom for generations to come, celebrating the grace and beauty of celestial angels.

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17x12 cm
Virginia Gonzalez
Nao Porcelain Made in Spain
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Angel Collection
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Home Decor - Classic Porcelain
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Figures - Figurines