At we take great care to ensure that your collectables are perfectly packaged. Having shipped goods overseas for over 40 years we have developed a system that will ensure that your purchase will arrive safely and in perfect condition.

We give great emphasis to the packaging.

Below is a step by step description of our standardized packaging process.


The Figurine is inspected before packaging

We inspect the figurine before we packaging and shipping to ensure that there are no damages. All delivered are insured to the correct value.


Each figurine is packaged in its original box

Each figurine comes with its original box with the company’s logo and a description specific to the figurine it contains.


Packaging Safety

The packaging safety varies from one company to another. In the case of some companies the figurine surrounded by Styrofoam peanuts where as other companies produce a Styrofoam mould specific to the design of the figurine. This ensures that the figurine does not move within the box and provides a secure padding to ensure that this delicate ornament is not damaged during shipping.


Additional Safety

Thecollectorsboutique goes one step further to ensure that your purchase is delivered in perfect condition. Once the figurine has been packaged in its original box it is covered with a layer of bubble paper.


Name & Delivery Address

A final layer of brown wrapping paper is placed around the bubble paper. A label which contains the purchaser’s name and delivery address is printed and taped onto the brown paper.


Shipping & Delivery

The goods are sent as certified packages and insured to the correct amount. The tracking number provided by the courier service is emailed to the purchase so as to keep track of the whereabouts of the package at all times.

All these procedures comprise our standard operating procedure when it comes to packaging and delivery all of which are in place to ensure the integrity of your purchase is maintained and your satisfaction is guaranteed.