Why Collect Spanish Porcelain

Spanish porcelain figurines are revered for their brilliance, beauty and collectability worldwide. With some of the leading brands in the industry including Lladro, Nao and Nadal all of which the world associates with tradition, art & prestige few things are so easy to fall into the habit of collecting.  Whether painted or tinted to add colour and depth of detail, or simply a classic collection of white porcelain figurines, their fine visual aesthetic makes them a complementary accent to any room. So many celebrated designers and artisans produce stunning collections, in a virtually endless spectrum of styles and motifs that even the most avid collector does well to be selective.

Just as with other collectibles, Spanish porcelain figurines are available as part of open editions, limited-editions and numbered series.


Limited Edition

These figures are produced in a limited quantity from the date of its issue. Unlike open edition and parts of a numbered series, limited-edition figures do not have a retirement date. Instead, a certain number of figures are produced, and they are sold until all of them are gone. The number of units to be produced is decided before the introduction of the specific piece which will be commercialized together with a certificate of authenticity to verify their status as limited-edition pieces.

In Open Editions, the piece is produced in an unlimited number from the date of its issue until its retirement year. 


Numbered Series

In Numbered Series, the piece is produced from the date of its issue until its retirement date, but numbered in a non-limited form, and commercialized together with a numbered certificate.


Retired Pieces

For retired pieces once a particular figurine is sold out, the company no longer offers it for sale. Retired figures can be found and purchased from other collectors and private sellers however in some instances they may be sold without the original packaging. Shoppers can expect to pay more for these retired pieces and although they are more expensive, retired pieces make nice additions to any collection.


Transcending through time...

These collectables stand the test of time and even after years of purchase most figures still carry significant value. Each year more and more collectors look for that special piece that will increase their value of their collection.

Given our experience in the Spanish porcelain industry as certified distributors and retailers for more than 40 years we can guarantee you will receive 100% perfect mint condition figurines. That means "as if" your figurine whether it is from a current or retired limited edition was delivered directly from the factories in Spain.

Before buying we urge shoppers to contact our customer service department by emailing info@thecollectorsboutique.com or calling +34 952051351 and receive a free quotation on their favourite collectable.

Because of our extensive network of trusted contacts, developed over the many years we are often able to locate rare or difficult-to-find and unusual items for our clients - that is, if we don't already have them in our stock. 

On a final note should you be interested in knowing the current value of your porcelain figurine please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to assist you.