A Child is Born (White Matte)

A Child is Born (White Matte)


Nao Porcelain Figurine "A Child is Born" from the Christmas Collection made by Juan Huerta in 2021. A decorative porcelain figurine in a white matte finish showcasing the Holy Family, Baby Jesus held by the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph standing by their side


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Introducing the "A Child is Born" Porcelain Figurine, a striking and reverent depiction of the holy nativity scene. This beautifully crafted figurine captures the profound moment of the birth of baby Jesus, surrounded by the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph in a serene and timeless representation.

The figurine features a white matte finish, giving it an elegant and pure appearance, as if sculpted from alabaster or fine marble. The choice of this finish highlights the sacred and spiritual nature of the scene, evoking a sense of peace and purity.

At the center of the figurine, the Virgin Mary is portrayed in a humble and tender pose, sitting on her knees, her gaze fixed lovingly upon the baby Jesus cradled in her arms. Her face emanates warmth and adoration, reflecting her role as the mother of Christ, full of grace and devotion.

Baby Jesus, depicted in swaddling clothes, rests peacefully in the loving embrace of the Virgin Mary's arms. The fine details of the infant's face capture the innocence and divinity of the newborn saviour.

On the side of the Virgin Mary stands Saint Joseph, watching over the blessed scene with a protective and nurturing presence. His facial expression reflects awe and reverence for the miraculous birth.

The figurine's design is imbued with an aura of tranquility and sacredness. The gentle folds of the Virgin Mary's gown and the flowing lines of Saint Joseph's robe add a sense of movement and grace to the sculpture.

"A Child is Born" Porcelain Figurine serves as a beautiful reminder of the miraculous event that changed the course of history and brought hope and salvation to the world. As a centrepiece in a place of worship or a cherished display in a home, this figurine embodies the eternal message of love, peace, and the gift of a child who would become a guiding light for humanity. Its presence offers a profound and heartwarming connection to the nativity story and the significance of the Christmas season, making it a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

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