Waiting for your Kiss

Waiting for your Kiss


Nao Porcelain Figurine "Waiting for your Kiss" from the Youth Collection made by Francisco Polope in 2021. A decorative porcelain figurine of a young girl wearing a pastel pink dress, with her eyes closed, leaning forward in anticipation for a lover's kiss. 


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"Waiting for Your Kiss" Porcelain Figurine captures a poignant and tender moment of anticipation and affection. This beautifully crafted figurine features a young girl dressed in a delicate, light pink gown that exudes innocence and charm.

The figurine showcases the young girl in a poised stance, her eyes closed, and her lips close together. Her posture reflects a sense of anticipation and longing, as if she is eagerly awaiting the tender kiss of a beloved person. Her hands are gently clasped together, emphasising her readiness to embrace the moment of affection.

The fine details of the figurine highlight the girl's youthful features and radiant expression. Her hair cascades gently down her shoulders, framing her angelic face. The gentle curvature of her dress adds a touch of gracefulness and movement to the sculpture, giving the impression that she is almost floating in a moment of pure bliss.

The porcelain's smooth and lustrous finish enhances the delicate nature of the scene, giving the figurine an ethereal quality. The soft, pastel hues of the light pink dress create an ambiance of innocence and romance, evoking a sense of enchantment and sweetness.

"Waiting for Your Kiss" Porcelain Figurine is a timeless and heartfelt gift that encapsulates the beauty of pure love and affection. Placed on a mantle or a special display shelf, it serves as a touching reminder of the excitement and warmth that come from awaiting a cherished kiss from a loved one. This figurine is a symbol of the profound connection and emotions shared between two hearts, making it a cherished keepsake and a stunning addition to any decor, evoking a sense of nostalgia and tenderness in all who behold it.

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Data sheet

Reference Number
21x9 cm
Francisco Polope
Nao Porcelain Made in Spain
Year of Creation
Youth Collection
Original Manufacturer Box
Country of Production
Google Product Category
Home Decor - Classic Porcelain
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Figures - Figurines