• The application of 18 karat gold and platinum marks the final step in the design of these figurines. The precious metals are used not only to accent the personality of the figurines, but to transform these Collections into the brightly coloured jewels in the world of hand-crafted ceramic design.

  • Discover our favourite, most exclusive and best-selling decorative porcelain figurines! A selection of collectible porcelain figurines and bronze sculptures that will transcend through time and give your home or decorting space a personal touch. These unique ornaments are truly captivating and showcase the craftmanship of their creation in the detail or each figure.

  • Elegant and stylish: each of these works of art is hand-crafted by some of the finest artists and bronze foundries in the world; who use the lost wax method of bronze casting.  From leading Spanish brands including Arte Romera & Ebano, these captivating bronze sculptures are fluid and natural.  They immortalize stories of love and tenderness, joy of living, enthusiasm and beauty.

    "Time changes but Art lasts forever..."  These sculptures will become an heirloom in your family for many generations to come.

  • The Collector’s Boutique is the ideal place for hobbyists and investors looking for rare and valuable collectible coins from all around the world.  We specialise in 100% genuine gold and silver coins.  Every single item you find in this section is carefully selected from our large personal collection, meaning that only those that we consider to meet the highest quality standards are made available to our customers.

  • An amazing collection of unique hand painted mosaic figurines with an innovative design inspired by the Modernist Trencadís technique which was popularised by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

    Each creation is hand-painted and is, therefore, a unique and eminently collectable item. These figurines are epitomised by having vivid colours, original designs, and an attention to detail second to none, all of which converge in a unique product much appreciated by our sophisticated, international clientele.

  • Interest in vintage homeware has soared in recent years and it is no wonder why.  Few people can resist the temptation of owning good quality, one of a kind items which are set apart from the mainstream.  

    Our collection is a goldmine of vintage items which you will love and cherish.  Whether you seek to delve into the past or simply compliment newer fashion trends, it is undoubted that each of our products have a beautiful romanticism about them which will sweep you away.  Rest assured, these products are all brand new, unique and cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands.  They are limited, if not one of a kind, items just for you.


  • Spanish decor is a vibrant and colourful design style that brings to mind rustic villas, sunny patios and the turquoise blue of the sea.
    The traditional ceramics of Spain capture the very essence of this design style and add vibrancy and beauty to one's home. These classical works of art originated in medieval Spain where skilled artists used a technique known as “cuerda seca” (dry rope) to craft these hand-painted ceramic ornaments.
    Over the centuries, a rich tradition has developed and artists of this trade still use the same technique today. Accentuating any room with their bright colours and intricate designs these ornaments will add the perfect decorative touch to any room...
    Bring some Mediterranean decor into your home!

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